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As a Affiliate Partner you help your friends and make money at the same time!

Recently we changed our commission structure so that EVERY affiliate receives 50% commission on Freedom Property Intensive.

You will be able to provide your community with our FREE online course "Ignite - Introduction to Property Investing" and your followers will be tracked as they purchase Freedom Property Intensive and all commissions will be paid to you automatically.

You will also earn 15% commission on further Upsells.

Everything is easily tracked in the program so that you can sit back, relax and get your money. Where ever you are in the world.

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3 Simple Steps to Successful Property Investments - Online Course

Start Marketing our Free Online Course.
If any of your leads buy Freedom Property Intensive after attending the free online course you will get a 50% commission (48,5 Euro)!

We will continue to track your leads and if they purchase our follow up course Property Game Changer (for 997 Euro) you will receive a further 15% (149,55 Euro) commission!

Course Content

  • 3 Simple Steps to Property Investing 
  • ​​Investing in Todays Market
  • ​​How to Find Property Deals
  • ​Money Secrets - How to Fund Any Deal!
  • ​​Cash Flow Quadrants - What Quadrant are You In?
  • ​Calculate Property Deals - How to Choose the Right Deal for the Right Reasons!

    Free BONUS 1: The 3 major mistakes you MUST avoid to reach financial freedom

    Free BONUS 2:
    Workbook - Introduction to Property Investing

How it works?

 You get your unique link to share with your network and invite people to join. If they do, we pay you a commissionfee. Your Link makes it possible for us to track that person who signed up. And see that he/she comes from your network. It's really that simple!

How do I become a Momentum Affiliate Partner?

Simply sign up with the form above. Once you sign up you will get a confirmation email. And access to marketing material to make it easier for you as a Momentum Partner.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What if they sign up through my link to more than one paid event?
    You get your commission for each of them!
  • ​What if they sign up to the free event?
    15% commission of zero fee is a zero BUT you are paid commission of the upsales!
  • What if they sign up to an event and resign?
    You get your commission paid only after they paid their fee BUT since you introduced them to us you are still entitled to your commission on their next purchase (we remember their introducers).
  • ​What if I invite my friend and he registers through other channel (i.e. our Facebook page)?
    Then we have no way to track they were introduced by you. We can only track that if they sign up through your link and only then we can pay the commission to you
  • ​What if I won't find anybody to sign up?
    Absolutely no problem at all. There is no obligation on your side. It's just an opportunity.
  • ​Are there any limits on how many friends I can invite?
    There are absolutely no limits :)
  • Are there any costs involved on my side?
    No costs, no fees, no small print texts. You don't risk anything :)
  • What if I change my mind?
    You can simply stop sharing events with your friends. It's simple, isn't it?
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